Hi, I’m Kemi…

…and I’m so excited that you have found Bad Bitch Affirmations.

I am a ethereal being, a spirit in a human experience,  a cat lover, and currently on a journey toward growth, transcendence, and self mastery. I strongly promote self-love, creativity, consciousness, and sensuality and pull inspirations from my millennial adventure.

Bad Bitch Affirmations is a space created to encourage personal development and is an ever expanding collection of works, reminders, inspirations for those who are goal oriented, woke, fearless, sexy, smart, kind, focused, introspective and uniquely completely and utterly dope,  and on the road to becoming a better self.

So why ‘Bad Bitch’? Why don’t you hop on over to my post explaining what a Bad Bitch is.  What Makes a Bad Bitch…


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Youtube – Kemi Mak:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdWsp7YW_oV8MCjGxa5xPgA