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Life is an adventure and you are a powerful co-creator to your life. Why not play and live fearlessly and limitlessly?

Oh Hello!!

Hey!! I’m Kemi…

…and I’m so excited that you have found Bad Bitch Affirmations.

I am an ethereal being living my best human experience. I am also a certified REBT confidence coach. But it had not always been that way. I was wrought with anxiety (still am sometimes), trauma (still uncovering that), fear, jealousy, and simmering anger.

It is only though my journey of growth, (which never ends) studying, and introspection that I have come to a place of PEACE….I strive EVERY DAY to live my best life and I am so certain that if I can do it and make serious changes, then you can too!




existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level.
“the possibility of spiritual transcendence in the modern world”

On my never ending journey toward growth, transcendence, and self mastery. I strongly promote self-love, creativity, consciousness, and sensuality, self worth, and of course self love.

We all have a superpower!

What is it? It is our ability to create a life worth while and an existence worth living. We co-create our BEST LIVES through how we think, act, and feel. I am here to guide you to elevate! Get excited

Bad Bitch Affirmations is a space created to encourage personal development and is an ever expanding collection of works, reminders, inspirations, and mantras, for those who are want to dive into our unique superpower.

So why ‘Bad Bitch’? Why don’t you hop on over to my post explaining what a Bad Bitch is.  What Makes a Bad Bitch…

Sending much love

-Kemi Mak

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“Dare to love yourself

as if you were a rainbow

with gold at both ends.”

― Author-Poet Aberjhan