The next year will be the beginning of a new decade. 2020! During these last couple of months work on tying up any loose ends and starting the next year with a bang! Below is a bucket list that should be able to help you create the life you wantAutumn buckettlist

Visualize the new year and start setting things up for it.

With only a few months until the new year, why not get prepared ahead of time. Tie up any loose ends. Close any unfinished chapters and prepare yourself for a clean slate.

Do a mental/spiritual/physical detox

A detoxification is an amazing thing to do. If you haven’t ever detoxed or tried a cleanse There are many wonderful fasting, cleansing, and detoxification programs out there.

Break through your plateaus- push through for the next 3 months.

What have you been stuck on? What’s something you struggle with? Make waves towards your goals now.

Forgive yourself for past hurts and disappointments

Now is the time to work through your past, and free yourself in the new year. It may not be a quick process but what better time than now to start chipping away at disappointments and pain.

Choose the positive mind-frame.

Don’t believe those thoughts that life is against you. Make a conscious decision to live in a positive world.


Show love for yourself and this vessel that you are in and exercise. Do it for yourself, do it for your family and those that love you, and do it for your future. Don’t you want to feel amazing in your body.

Get shit done.

Don’t wait for motivation. Commit to finishing what you started.

Audit the things that do not bring you happiness

Leave those things in 2019.

Spend time with those you love.

Quality time is so important. You don’t want to miss out on creating lasting memories.