The Bad Bitch Bucketlist – Summer 2019

Its here! Get excited. The Bad Bitch Bucketlist – Summer 2019 is here!

This is a list of fantastic, inspirational, motivational things to do in the next few months that fall in line with living your best life. This goes with our theme of the year of Y.O.U.

To learn more about the YEAR OF Y.O.U. click [HERE].  Focusing on Your Truth, Optimism, and Understanding.

In the next 3 months see how many of these items you can successfully mark off. Lets challenge ourselves and be great.

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I will be doing it with you! Take it to the next level and write about the moments you were able to do the things listed, how you’ve achieved these things, how you’ve seen changes, and how they might have helped you grow!  Comment below! I’d love to hear your stories.


Keep reading for more details and information about the bucketlist items. Save this list and mark off any items that you have completed!


19 Summer Bucket list


1. Have a magnificent life that you are in love with. Live life on your terms.

Strive to be so in love with your life that you do not have time to be jealous or envious of others. Life is so short and we should all strive to make this time that we have the absolute best it can be.

2.Actively stop negative self-talk. Catch yourself in the act and do a positivity switch.

Start paying close attention to your triggers and catch yourself when you start thinking negatively. Work on talking to yourself how you would talk to your best friend. With kindness, gentleness, support and love.How you think of yourself colors how you move in the world.

3.Move fearlessly

Do something that scares you. Move out of your comfort zone.You cant fully experience all that life has to offer if you stay in your bubble. You cant reach new heights if you stay in your comfort zone.

4.Spend time learning what makes you happy.

When was the last time you thought about what you want? When was the last time you treated yourself? When was the last time you really tuned into what made you happy. Lets make a change and give yourself that gift today.

5. Sit and enjoy the now

Be present. Spend precious moments soaking it all in. Spend precious moments just being. Practice mindfulness and notice the little and big things. Quiet your mind. Rest in the moment.

6.Validate yourself daily.

Your worth does not come from others, it comes from self A man does not validate you or determine your worth. Your friends do not validate you or determine your worth. Your stature, job, history, family, accomplishments do not validate you or determine your worth. You do. How you feel about yourself and the love that you give to yourself is most important.

7.Be a Goal slayer 

Set challenging goals. Take big action towards them. Crush them. Period.

8.Help others

Bring positivity into other people’s lives. Be a beacon of light. Pouring into others brings positivity into your own life.

9.Practice gratitude. 

Be aware of your blessings. A big tool to help switch your mood is to sit in thankfulness.



10.Roll with the punches

While living your best life, things may not always go as planned but if you have a growth mindset, and practice landing on your feet because you believe you are capable, you will be in a great position. Remember that you are doing well.

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