New Year, New Y.O.U.

New Year New you! New Blog – Year of Y.O.U.

Your Truth, Optimism, Understanding


The New Year always brings feelings of a fresh start, an opportunity to change bad habits, and create new memories, re-evaluate oneself, and a chance to get rid of things that cause unease and unhappiness.

I am so excited about this New Year and all the possibilities it holds for us and I want to spread that excitement to you all.

Get excited y’all! Great things are coming!

I want to motivate you all to step into this new season with all the vigor, confidence, excitement, and optimism you can muster!!

We really are all blessed to see another day, let alone another year, and we shouldn’t waste any second of it being unhappy, when we really don’t have to.


This year you can look forward to BBA focusing on Y.O.U.:

Your Truth: We will be working on

  • Learning about what is right for you and your circumstances as an individual
  • Discovering healthy boundaries and pushing limiting boundaries
  • Enjoying the beauty in self-reflection and mindfulness, and
  • Appreciating that what is true for you may not be true for others. Vice versa. And that is ok. vis-à-vis the spice of life.

Optimism:  There are so many wonderful things in life and we are focused on inviting all of those pleasing things into your life, thus crafting your best year ever. We are also focused on getting rid of the bad habits to go into negative thoughts and existing in affirming and uplifting thoughts which create positive and blissful lives.

Understanding: Understanding self, exploring self, loving self.

Taking a step back and looking at situations with a rational and elevated eye.

Searching for understanding with the intent of growth and evolution and not from low vibrational malcontent and suffering.


We will be kicking this year off right with cultivating your personal vision for your 2019 year, how you can make it your best year, and how you can eliminate the things that don’t serve you.

I am so excited for the things to come and how it can impact your lives, and make it the best year or YOU yet!