The real secret to change your life! 15 more ways to practice Self-love

You may be asking “Kemi! Why do you go so hard for self-love?”

Because self-love can literally change lives.


“It’s surprising how many persons go through life without ever recognizing that their feelings toward other people are largely determined by their feelings toward themselves, and if you’re not comfortable within yourself, you can’t be comfortable with others.”
– Sidney J. Harris


Think about it for a minute. When you love yourself a few amazing things happen.

  1. You have less inner turmoil and self-doubt. You cut yourself some slack, and develop a self-assured-ness that can never be taken away.
  2. Outside influences sway you less and have a different affect. You become surefooted. You begin to do things simply because it makes you happier. And stressful situations have less of a devastating affect.
  3. More gratitude. You will develop more and more thankfulness as you hold yourself in high esteem and take pride in your successes as well as being able to see all the beauty around you.

Like RuPaul said “If you can’t love yourself how the hell you gonna love somebody else.”

So start practicing some self-love techniques today. See my list of some great and easy to start options below.

  1. Compliments – Give yourself some. Give others some. Spread the light and see it return to you full force.

  2. Little success – Write down things you were successful at. Give yourself some credit. You are doing amazing things in this world. Take note.

  3. Clear your mind – Spend some time releasing and relaxing. Quiet times for reflection are integral for self-love.

  4. Meditate – While continuing to clear your mind, meditating and setting intentions bring enlightenment and mindfulness. While also reducing stress and allowing you to put your best foot forward.

  5. Walk – Get out and move your body, get fresh air, and find the beauty in the little things.

  6. Spa day – Treat yourself. Pamper yourself. You deserve it.

  7. De-clutter – Clear your space and clear your mind.

  8.  Become aware of your physical body- The same way you work on your mental you need to work on your physical. Do not neglect yourself. Get plenty of sleep. Get plenty of exercise. Limit your stress.

  9. Sleep in- Good restorative sleep is when your body does its best work. Allow yourself the time to get some good sleep.

  10. Get out of your comfort zone- Challenge yourself. Life can get too monotonous if you do the same things all of the time. Try something different and exciting.

  11. Self check- Check in with yourself. We all get busy and go through the motions but do not forget to do a self-check. Take a moment to be aware and ask…Am I ok?

  12. Candles- Candles or any aromatherapy can do wonders as an instant pick me up.

  13. Watch comedy – or just laugh. Laughter can change a negative state to a postitive one.

  14. Tell yourself that you love yourself. Look in the mirror and say it to yourself.

  15. Write a love letter to yourself- Express your love for yourself, to yourself. Put notes around your house. Keep a self-love journal.


With these self-love starters you can hop on the path to powerful and transformative self-love.


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