Fearless Mantra – Find out how to limit the effects of fear in your life + 3 ways to help overcome your fears

Lets talk about Fear…


1. an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

Fear will hold you back from so many wonderful things in life. Holding on to fears can prevent you from actually living a full life, while keeping you stuck and stagnant. Although our fear responses for actual life-threatening danger are in place for a reason and much need, there are sometimes when our fear response is triggered with no actual danger in play.

As Öhman, A. says in Fear and anxiety: Evolutionary, cognitive, and clinical perspectives, “It can also take effect when you’re faced with non-dangerous events, like exams, public speaking, a new job, a date, or even a party. It’s a natural response to a threat that can be either perceived or real.”

Often times we put more weight on a situation than what is really, truly there. We blow up a situation in our head due to the fear of the unknown. Additionally, it can be easy to get stuck in a fearful cycle, holding on to the past and unable to make changes for our future. Do not stagnate yourself and be bold with the blessing that is the gift of life.


Tip:  Try to combat fear by remembering that it is usually never as scary as we make it out to be in our minds and to take all fear and replace it with a loving state.

With all that being said the Bad Bitch Mantra is:

 I am fearless – therefore I am limitless!!

When we eliminate fear in our lives we are then able to become limitless.  We are no longer chained to the disbelief in our minds. We are not stuck in inaction due to the fear of the reactions of others or fear of failure. We are no longer rendered paralyzed from the fear of the unknown.

When we turn off that fearful, negative, limiting thinking and move into the prosperity, success, confident mind-frame – we trigger the self-fulfilling prophesy to work for us instead of against us.


How to help overcome your fears

There are many different types of fear.

  • The fear of vulnerability
  • The fear of failure
  • The fear of unknown
  • The fear of uncertainty
  • The fear of rejection
  • The fear of intimacy
  • The fear of abandonment
  • The fear of judgment.

And that’s just to name a few.

How does fear affect your body?

  • You may start to sweat
  • You may have a sinking feeling in your stomach or it may churn
  • You might feel faint or dizzy
  • You might freeze
  • You might get hot or cold sweats
  • You might hyperventilate and heart might beat fast

Now that you are aware of the fears and the effects, you can start to identify when you experience some of these things. Understanding what you are feeling is the first step toward fearlessness.

Below there are 3 ways to help overcome your fears.


  1. Face your fears.

    One proven way to eliminate a fear is to go through it.  The fear of public speaking is a huge one but if you prepare and follow through with the speech, you’ll find that it wasn’t as scary as you thought.

  2. Practice a power position

    This is a pose that you hold that amps you up, gathers your courage, and  gets you ready to conquer this fear.

The Wonder Woman Pose (stand up, hands on hip, feet about a meter apart, shoulders back and chin up will make you feel confident and powerful) and the Victory V Pose (chest is open, chin up, feet firmly planted on the ground, arms making a V in the air) have a positive impact on your emotional state, allowing you to feel less anxious. –Diane Gottsman from How to Trick Your Brain Into Conquering Fear at inc.com

3. Work through the problem in your head.

Think about what will actually happen if this situation your afraid of come true. Work the problem all the way down.

For example:

  • What will happen if I speak my mind about my feelings? I risk losing this relationship.
  • What happens if I lose that relationship? I will miss them.
  • Ok, so what will happen if you miss them? I’ll be lonely and sad.
  • Ok, then what? Ill just be sad
  • Forever? No
  • I’ve been sad before and what happened?  I got over it. I’ll be ok.

When you work through the problem and the unknown outcome – it seems less daunting. especially after looking at the big picture.

Remember that fear is the enemy of self-confidence.

You are divinely protected. There may be some unknowns but you’ve survived. When you release the fear – no longer let the fear of the unknown control and confine you, you then tap into all of your potential and start walking as a true bad bitch.


Try to look at your life and see what fears are holding you back. Comment below and we can figure out alternatives to those fears together.



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