6 Instagram Accounts that Fuel Inspiration and Positive Energy

While laying low on hiatus, somehow I found myself scrolling through IG and comparing myself to the images I saw. I know, I know – Some low vibrational energy type shit that I hate to admit. But, we’ve all done it. You know how it is when you see some outlandish, idealized, heavily edited pic and think “wow…how is everyone able to travel to Santorini this week and stay for weeks at a time? Or “Look at how everyone at *insert the music festival of your choice* looks like they have a professional photographer with them wherever they go.” (I’ve been to these festivals, it’s not that glamorous, but the pics make it look that way, right?)

When I finally came out of my ‘FOMO funk’, I had to remember that not all of IG is a “dark abyss” specifically designed to hurl me into an “I’m not as good as them” depression. There are plenty of IG pages that promote postitivity, inspire, and motivate. So I did the Social Media purge – you know, the one where you clear out all those pages that you’ve outgrown- and I compiled a list of 6 IG profiles that speak to the message of choosing happiness, living life on the edge, and fearless ambition. These qualities also speak to what it means to be a bad bitch – and for the men, what it means to have big dick energy.

Enjoy My top 6 below.

1. Mattie James

Mattie James is a fashion blogger, influencer, mother, and all-around classy lady. She offers good business advice while also posting touching photos of her kids and glimpses into her family life. I just enjoy the light, easy energy her page brings.

2. Ev’Yan Whitney

I found Ev’Yan Whitney while on the search for more Black women sex educators. She has a podcast called the Sexually Liberated Woman, which stood out to me for many reasons. Her calm and sensual vibe is a wonderful asset imho.

3. Tyomi Morgan-Najieb

GlamazonTyomi is a bad bitch and has big dick energy. I see her as such a strong, bold, and confident, powerful force. She is a sexpert, author, and pleasure coach and has loads of educational content out there.

4. Yves Mathieu

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no body shaming summer no body shaming season no body shaming ever

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Yves is a gentle, caring soul with piercing eyes and an affinity music and social justice issues, especially in the lgbt+ community. He models, he sings, he volunteers, and is so carefree – it’s refreshing.

5. Renny (Lorenzo Cromwell)

Renny is just a goofball. Whether it’s a video of him dancing (with a hilarious smile on his face), or a video of him turning off a light and breathing (you have to see it to understand), there is something about his sketches and comedy stylings that just cracks me up. I’m always looking forward to his next post.

6. DamonandJo/Shutupango

Damon and Jo are two young and fun world travelers. They go on a lot of interesting adventures, have great personalities, and speak too many languages to count. They have a beautiful travel blog ( http://www.shutupandgo.travel/ ), offer tips for inexpensive travel, and allow us to go along on they’re voyages. They are really living their best lives.

Every one of those people are representing some aspect of being true to yourself, spreading positivity, and offering something to make the world a better place. We all need that with so many superficial things being pushed to the forefront.

What pages do you go to for inspiration? Comment below and let me know. I’m always looking for great pages.