Don’t let a busy schedule prevent you from self-care: 5 affirmation you can practice anywhere.

Let’s be honest, there are those times when you don’t have the time to focus on yourself, or you have absolutely no desire to repeat affirmations to yourself. I have definitely been there. Some days all I can do after work is simply crawl into bed and go to sleep, mentally and physically exhausted from the day. Then there are times when I’m feeling low and I know I’ve missed that valuable time to maintain mental clarity and mindfulness. At this point my body craves that quiet time and that’s I know I’ve gone too long without it. Practicing mindfulness is like exercising a muscle. You have to maintain it and keep the habit up to maintain the results of all your hard work.

So when I force myself to make the time to get back into my practice (Typically when I can’t seem to get out of a funk) it has helped to play a quick video and hear a different, positive voice. That’s when I will listen to the affirmations.

Listening to the words helps pull me out of the spiral and allows me to focus on something other than the voice that’s going round and round in my head. And just like listening to music, the words get into your subconscious and become like second nature.

Ray Davis from the says:

“Pretty soon you’ll find yourself saying the positive words to an affirmation when a negative situation arises because, like the song, you have unconsciously absorbed it. Unlike the song, though, it brings real benefit to your life.”


Tip: try recording your own affirmations and listen to them on your time. That way they can apply directly to what you’re working on in your life.

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A busy schedule does not have to stop you from practicing your affirmations.

Below I have listed 5 affirmation videos that you can listen to at anytime. These have helped me immensely and I am positive they can be of service to you too.













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