Lessons I’ve learned at 30: The Power of Positivity and How you can use it to achieve contentment and self love.

Turning 30 is a big milestone. A scary one for a lot of people. Anxious thoughts might flood into your head if you’re not where you thought you’d be in life. If you’re not married like you thought you’d be, or , like in my case, if the question “when are you gonna have babies? ” is posed ad infinitum. -Many assume my biological clock has to be ticking. *sigh*

Whether they’re asking you these questions or if they’re self imposed, the facts are the same.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be at this moment for a multitude of reasons.

Everyone, including myself, can relax. *take a deep breath as well as several seats…wooosah.*

While I maneuvered through these thoughts and questions I thought about how much I had learned, experienced, grown, laughed, loved, and cried in the past decade and I grew a sense of contentment.

Sometimes it’s during those quiet moments of reflection and still moments of thought that you are really able to see how far you’ve come.

I wasn’t completely able to see it during the day to day struggles but when I sat and thought about it I was proud of myself.

I want everyone to experience the feeling of pride in what you’ve accomplished, how you’ve changed, and how far you’ve grown.

This mini-series (Lessons I learned at 30) will go over things I’ve learned while I turned the corner from my 20s to 30s and will show you how I am able to be so content, happy and proud and how you can achieve the same strength and sense of self, and pride. 

Keep reading for the first lesson I learned and how it can help you find contentment and peace of mind.


The Power of Positive Thinking

To those that might feel anxious about getting older, or uneasy about their future in general – I get it but Life just keeps getting better!! There can be a lot of unknowns but this sentiment really that has helped me with those anxious thoughts.

Life just keeps getting better and better!!

Really, it does. I wrote it twice because its so true! I used to struggle a lot with negativity, anxiety, overthinking, and frustrations with life not going the way I felt it should. I was very frustrated with the cards I felt I had been dealt in life. These moments were very hard and at times I would feel like I was spiraling and couldn’t get my footing.

How do you come out of it?

I had to change my thinking. All of those thoughts were internal and sprouting from fear. I had a habit of thinking negatively.

As the saying goes, a positive person, lives in a positive world, and a negative person lives in a negative world. Everyone they meet is their mirror.

I had to change from negative thinking to positive thinking which is definitely easier said than done. To change from living in a negative world to a positive one starts with the deciding to change your mind-frame, your thought processes. You have to switch to positive thoughts and act on those instead of feeding the negative ones.

A positive mind-frame and outlook is literally like putting on rose-colored glasses, but also the body armor and cute shoes to match.

It allows you to live in a beautiful world, and to experience beautiful things.


Some examples of the positive thinking are:

Instead of thinking :

  • I cant do this. This is too hard. Why is this happening to me. I don’t see anyone else struggling like I am. No one is paying attention to me.

Try this:

  • I’m optimistic that over time things will get better and easier as I gain more and more skills or experience. This is a good test for me. I will become better because of this. I needed to learn this lesson and now I am closer to being the person I want to be. I can do this.

Maybe during work, instead of this:

  • WTF, who does that? I’m so annoyed whenever they ask me the same dumb questions over and over. I’m the only one who does anything here. Everyone is an idiot.

Switch your thoughts to:

  • Let me think about things from their side. They’re probably trying their best. I’m happy they feel comfortable enough with me to ask me these questions. I’m sure they feel overwhelmed.

Like any other skill, or muscle — you have to practice switching off the negative thoughts and decide to go in the positive direction. In order to train yourself to snap out of those old habits, use affirmations. This is the real key to a positive outlook and the key that allows me to say Life just keeps getting better!!


Check out the Quickie Affirmations Guide for more information on affirmations and the power of positive thinking.


Below I have attached an affirmation guide to bring forth optimism for a positive future. *Get ready to put on your rose-colored glasses.


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01 AFFIRMATIONS.png30@30 Positiity.jpg