5 Day Affirmations Challenge

Okay Lets take the challenge!!

As discussed in the Affirmation Quickie Guide, affirmations are a priceless tool to building self love and confidence. They have had a big impact on my life and I want you all to experience what I have. So I have created a challenge for you to test them out for yourselves.

Below I’ve listed 3 affirmations per day for you to repeat to yourself in the morning and before bed – try to repeat it to yourself as many times in the middle of the day as possible too. If you have set your own intentions- feel free to replace them with your own positive affirmations.

Tip: Try setting an alarm to remind yourself to say your affirmations. For some, writing the affirmations out help them get it in their subconscious. You can also have post-its or note cards with you as a reminder. Visual cues are great ways to stimulate your memory and prep yourself.

The affirmations below contain statements dealing with themes such as Intentions, Self-esteem/Self-love, Ambition, and Worry.

How to:

Take a moment get centered and become aware of your body. Breathe in to the count of 4 and out for the count of 5. Repeat the affirmations slowly 3 times and really feel the words; bring them into your body and mind. After you’ve completed them continue with your day, setting positive intentions and repeat them at night.


I am fully present in this moment.

I go out into the world and make a positive impact just by being me

I am powerful and unstoppable




I spread love and receive love

I will love myself even if I make a mistake.

Today I am overjoyed in who I am



I am the master of my own thoughts.

I accept myself for who I am

I will be good to myself from this moment on.



My time here is valuable and I am determined to get all I can out of it

I am a vibrational match for all I desire

I am fearless therefore limitless



I am proud of my commitment to myself

I am optimistic hopeful and confident

I am unstoppable.



At the end of the five days take note of how you feel and continue to used them. Remember that just completing the challenge is enough to be proud of. You are taking steps toward living your best life. I hope these affirmations speak to you and give you some kind of inspiration and starting point.

Write in the comments how they have worked for you and any new experiences you encountered. I’m very interested to read them.


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