ABCs of being a bad bitch

ABCs of being a bad bitch

  • A – Ambition. Let us all have the drive and determination and the will to make our dreams our reality.
  • B- Brave. Be brave enough and bold enough to break out of comfort zones, stereotypes and societal norms.
  • C – Caring. Show love to those around you, build others up as you glow up.
  • D – Different. Be different, express yourself creatively, and leave them shook. Be the flow, don’t follow it.
  • E- Equipped.  You are fully equipped to either deal with hard situations, find the answers to hard problems. You are armed with all you need to succeed.
  • F- Fearless. – fearlessness leads to limitlessness
  • G- Glow Up. Mantra- be your best you, shine
  • H- Humility. Be humble, be unpretentious. You are great but should not be obnoxious with it
  • I – Introspection. Meditate, self-examine and reflect. Having the ability to be introspective is key.
  • J – Journey. Life is a journey, series of events, its u to you to enjoy the ride
  • K – Kindness. Be kind to everyone it makes you so much more appealing
  • L – Life. Get your life, live your life, Enjoy your life.
  • M – Mantras |Manifesto. Bad Bitch words to live by.
  • N – No. Say it and mean it. Its ok to have boundaries. If it doesn’t serve you, let your no’s be no and your yes’s be yes.
  • O – Options. There are always options, even if you don’t like the alternatives, they’re there. You are never stuck anywhere. If you don’t like a situation, make a change. Period
  • P – Present. Don’t let life pass you by. Be in the present moment. Love life how it is, and fully experience all it has to offer you.
  • Q- Queen. Remember that you are one, start acting like it.
  • R – Respect. Respect others, and demand respect respectfully.
  • S – Self-worth. The way you think about yourself and your life and your worth will dictate a lot.
  • T – Transcend. Excel, exceed, and rise higher than who you used to be, or who they said you were. Go beyond and surpass what even you thought you could be. Be Great.
  • U- Understand. It is important to take the time to understand others and their differences as well as understanding yourself, your tendencies and your growth.
  • V- Vibrate higher. Positive vibes, high energy.
  • W- Work. Put the work in. Chase your dreams. Go after what you want in life.
  • X- eXcellence. Finesse, Quality, Brilliance. A Bad Bitch excels in these things along with grace, power, greatness and beauty (inside and out).
  • Y- Yes. If you agree to something and mean it. Do things because you want to.
  • Z- Zeal. Be enthusiastic about your journey Get excited about what’s to come