5 Tips to Survive a Scorching Summer

Hello Loves!

As I’ve been a sabbatical to travel and celebrate my 29th bday, I wanted to jump back into this blog with something light and summery. Happy summer y’all! And cheers to you all. May your summer be filled with cooling cocktails, sexy swimsuits, playful pool floaties, and simple pleasures!


5 Tips to Surviving a Scorching Summer

  1. Be conscious and stay in the moment.

  • The summer Is short enough as it is. Try not to get wrapped up in planning, schedules, the future, bills, upsets, unhappy or unpleasant things. I highly recommend staying in the moment. Each year passes by faster and faster- let’s really take the time to soak in everything positive this summer 17.


     2. Cocktails!

  • As a mixologist I know how wonderful the perfect cocktail can be during a summer adventure. Try something different and refreshing this year. Summer fruits like pears, melons, and berries can make a sangria pop just right. Even a thirst-quenching spritzer can bring the right vibes to your midyear festivities.


       3. Music

  • Live music is everything to me. I make it a point to get to see some live music every summer. Whether it is a a huge music festival or a local band at the fair, my summer is not complete unless I have indulged in seeing a performance in person. Additionally, creating a playlist of your fave songs with make your summer an excellent one. Every summer should have those jams, a soundtrack to make it memorable. Many streaming apps have free trial periods and this might be the time to take advantage of them all. *music Mondays*


       4. Keep cool and stay inside.

  • Binge watch the shows you’ve been waiting to watch. My watch list includes – Power, How to get away with murder and Queen Sugar.


     5.Go on an adventure, discover something new or do something you haven’t done before.

  • Listen, life is short. The older you get, the more you realize how true this statement is. Why not pick this year to do that thing you’ve been wanting to do, or go see that thing you’ve been wanting to see.
  • “Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take risks. Life is happening now.” -unknown






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